Vendor Application & Agreement

The West Richland Area Chamber of Commerce will host Cool Desert Nights, a classic car and
street rod show. The 26th annual event will be held June 20-23, 2019 at the Uptown Shopping
Center and in Jefferson Park in Richland, WA.

Over 20,000 local and state-wide patrons attend this event. The Cool Desert Nights event is an
excellent way to market your business and expand your clientele. You are invited to participate
as a vendor on Saturday, June 22nd at the Show N' Shine held in the Uptown parking lot and
in Jefferson Park from 9 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Food/Novelty/Commercial Vendor

Event: Cool Desert Nights Show N’ Shine

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2019

Set Up: 5:30 -7:00 A.M. All vendors MUST be set up by 7 A.M.

Time: 9 A.M. — 4 P.M.

Location: Uptown Shopping Center, Richland, WA.

Power & Water: Electricity and water are NOT available. Vendors must provide generator and water supply. Generators must not be a nuisance and must follow decibel restraints
provided after confirmation of application.

VENDORS PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited and subject to approval by the CDN Committee. If you
have special needs, please let us know. You will receive confirmation of acceptance prior to the

1. Products Allowed for Sale. All products to be displayed or sold must be listed on the entry form. A menu of food items to be
sold must be approved by the Event Director. No products that violate current copyright laws can be sold. A vendor will be asked to
leave immediately if these rules are violated.

2. Permits. Food vendors must provide copies of a health permit and any other permits and licenses applicable to the sale of their
products. Contact the Benton Franklin Health Department, 509.582.7761, ext. 4705, to obtain a health permit.

3. Requirements for Vendor Displays:
a. Vendors must provide their own tables.
b. Vendors: Electricity and water are NOT available. Vendors must provide their own generator and water
supply. Generators must be quiet and not create a nuisance to guests, participants or homeowners.
*Further guidelines provided after confirmation of application.
c. No part of the sales booth will be outside of the vendor’s allocated space.
d. Vendors will provide their own canopy or cover.
e. Weights are required to hold canopies in place in case of wind. Canopy weights must not create trip and
fall hazards for patrons or vendors.
f. Vendors must keep their spaces attractive and clear of debris during the event.
g. Vendors must have a fire extinguisher with them.
h. Vendors must clean up thoroughly following the event.

4. Food Sales & Sampling. Vendors are required to comply with all state and local health code and food demonstration
requirements. Food vendors are required to have permits from the Washington State Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug
Administration or the Benton County Health Department. Vendors who distribute product samples must follow all health
department rules and regulations.

5. Vendor Conduct. Vendors will conduct themselves in a courteous manner and interact with customers in an
appropriate way that will increase sales and reflect the objectives of Cool Desert Nights. Belligerent or other inappropriate behavior
may be cause for ejection of a vendor from the market. Vendors are not permitted to smoke on the sites.
Evicted vendors WILL NOT have fees refunded.

6. Vendor Space Assignments. Spaces will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Every effort will be made to
accommodate vendors with special needs.

7. Vendors must arrive and beset up by 7 A.M. for the Show ‘n Shine. Each vendor is responsible for helping maintain a safe
environment for customers and other vendors.

8. Enforcement of Rules. Cool Desert Nights rules will be enforced by the Event Director who has the ultimate, on-site authority.
Cool Desert Nights reserves the right to prohibit individuals from selling products that do not reflect the objectives of the Cool
Desert Nights event. There will be no discrimination because of race, color, creed, gender, religion, sex, age or nationality.

9. Hold Harmless Agreement. All vendors will receive a copy of the rules prior to registering. Upon registering, the vendor will be
required to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement stating that the rules have been read and understood.

10. Noise Level. Use of sound amplification devices must be approved by the Event Director. The Event Director reserves the right
to request that the noise level be lowered.

11. Vendor Parking. If you have special needs, please make arrangements with the Event Director.
No overnight camping is permitted.

12. Refund Policy. Vendor understands that Cool Desert Nights has a NO REFUND POLICY past the cancellation date of June 1. No
refunds will be made, regardless of weather, performance of event, no shows, etc. There are no exceptions.